Breaking Free From The Addiction Matrix


 Jyude Allbright is a beautiful, loving being here to help people see the true meaning of addiction as a distraction to their authentic, divine selves - to show everyone how to be more loving to themselves and others. She shows anyone struggling and feeling powerless in their addictions & codependency how to regain their power in 3 easy steps, thereby speeding up their recovery. How does it get any better than this?  

Having recovered from her own personal darkness with addictions, Jyude is a wayshower and the founder of the "BE-ing Recovered" Program, where YOU can recover your true self from the continual cycles of addiction, pain, suffering, disease and drama. "BE-ing Recovered" utilizes Soul Steps, the new recovery path, the 21st century alternative to the traditional 12 Steps of AA. Jyude's mission is to change the way the world views addictions from one of shame, guilt and powerlessness to one of soul growth and personal power. Her intention is to provide her readers and audiences with the spiritual skills necessary to accept greater abundance in their lives. She believes that addictions of all kinds are simply "motivators" to help us achieve the ultimate abundance that a soul connection guarantees. 

Her personal journey speaks of her competence. She has lived with addictions in every form possible, been twice divorced, raised 3 children as a single, working mother, assisted her elderly father in his dying process, helped raise her mentally challenged step-son, and suffered the pain of the death of her oldest son. To create a movement where Soul Steps' Roundtable meetings will be available on a daily basis globally for those desiring a new awareness about addictions, is her intention! As an NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Prevention Professional, Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator, Recovery Coach, consciousness messenger and teacher, her priority is to spread consciousness to those ready to accept it. Jyude is available for private (in person or Skype) and group sessions, loving interventions, and workshops. Her programs exemplify "recovery beyond the ordinary." She can also be reached at

Who Will You Be When You NO Longer Have  Your Addictions? 

What if being addicted is not about what you do but rather about what you are refusing to be?

What if Addiction is a Lack of Self-love?

  • If you like this site and would like to work with Jyude because you are ready for profound personal and spiritual transformation, please consider a personal consultation or " Recovery Reboot Coaching."  Monthly, 6 month and yearly packages are now available with often outrageous special discounts.    You will partner with Jyude to examine your life path, purpose, potential, and how addiction/co-dependency (yours or a loved one) has played a role in helping you choose a life that will bring you the power, joy, abundance, love, and  peace you are now ready for.  You will recover your divinity.

  •   Are you ready to make this “Your Power Year?” Show Jyude by telling her you want to explore your possibilities for transformation & feeling fabulous in 2018 and beyond. Jyude offers simple realizations for anyone "seemingly" caught in the trap of various addictions and compulsions. For your complimentary, 30 minute session to see what it's like to work with someone with your best life in mind, text Jyude at 954-464-3266,  email at  or fill out the form on the Home page.


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