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Holiday Deep Discount For YOU...$55


Special offering...

If you are worried about using during this holiday season...here is your chance to receive some help easily from  me -Jyude -on the phone.  My son recently died on the road and I have experienced the  loss of a loved one profoundly.  I sincerely wish that no other family member need to go through a loss because of drinking , drugging or just plain stupidness.  Let's end the pain of addiction craziness.

                                      Your life is valuable...keep it that way.


•  What if you need extra support as a newly recovering person?

•  What if you are just tired of getting high or drunk?

•  What if you need to talk with a recovery coach who can give you specific ways to keep yourself healthy over the holidays?

Telephone Talk: The Specifics Of Your Discounted Session

1.   Set up your appointment with your time frame by using the email link below

2.  You will receive a confirmation email indicating your appointed time.

3.  Make your holiday bonus $55 payment at paypal at least 2 days prior to your appointment.

4.  Call Jyude at the number given on your confirmation

5.  Receive your happiness... healthy holiday tips from Jyude & get answers to your questions.

Available Time Frame

Hours for appointments will range from 8:00am ET to 11:00pm ET daily, including weekends, on a first come basis.  If you are requiring a special time not listed (perhaps you live in another country), it can be arranged.  Simply ask.

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